A brief introduction

The Waterfall Lodge is a Craft Lodge in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England and which also comes under the auspices of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey. The Lodge holds four official meetings each year in March, May, October and December. The meetings are held on the second Wednesday evenings in March, May and October and the second Tuesday in December at the Chertsey Masonic Hall

Waterfall Lodge membership take pride in the fact that our meetings are friendly and happy occasions. We welcome visitors with open arms and have many visiting Brethren who regularly attend our meetings, often having a good contingent sitting down to enjoy dinner and the friendly atmosphere at the Festive Board. Any Mason who would like to attend one of our Lodge meetings as a visitor should contact the Lodge Secretary we would be delighted to see you. We would also welcome inquiries from any prospective initiates and joining members. In this case, If you would like some additional information please contact the Membership Officer.

In the beginning

The Waterfall Lodge was consecrated on the 29th October 1920 at the IMPERIAL RESTAURANT, Regent St. London and currently meets at the Masonic Hall Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9DL.

Founder Members

William Wadham Floyed

Robert Clarke

John James Edwards

Walter Bungard

Arthur G Hutchins

Owen Edward Mandeville

William Henry Gardener

Joshua Hopkins

Ernest Griffin

William Lonsdale Towers

Elisha Elijah Summers

George Gardener

Arthur Baine Butler

Joseph A Ambrozy

C Harrington

H Lucas

Harry Charman

Arthur George Read

A R Kenny

Sydney Pottinger


Current Members

E.J. Pearce

A.C. Rich

W.T. Watson

D.J. Parkin

S.J. Pearce

M.A. Barnes

D.E. Hendy

A.D. Hendy

D.R. Thompson

L.F. Ault

C. F Barnard

R. Douglas

T. Allford

H. Dhingra

D. Basilico

M. Eguzoraku

J L Balchin

R Adams

D Wilkinson

L Boggett

Honorary Members

I M Chandler

E. Jones

M D Robinson

L E Moreton


C. Chandler

Official Representative of the Provincial Grand Master

R. Graham


The Waterfall Lodge meets 4 times a year and they take place on:

The 2nd Wednesday in March (Installation meeting of new Master)
The 2nd Wednesday in May
The 2nd Wednesday in October
The 2nd Tuesday in December

Depending upon the work in-hand most meetings commence at 5.00pm


The Waterfall Lodge also hosts a number of functions throughout the year which are open to everyone, members and non members alike. Also for a deeper insight into the development of the lodge please visit ‘The Waterfall Lodge History‘ tab.