Our Vision for the Future




The impression is that all Lodges are the same and to an extent that is true. However Lodges do tend to to form their own personality which on the whole is really is a reflection of those members of that Lodge. Waterfall Lodge having been in existence for many years has a mixture of members from all walks of life thus giving it a good balance which keeps us on an even keel and as Lodges go we are smaller than some, but by joining us you would be guaranteed a very warm Waterfall welcome. There is also another side to Masonry that manifests itself in the form of an active and pleasurable social life, which allows everyone an opportunity to get to mingle and meet members, there wives, partners and their families, so that they too can feel an interconnection and involvement with the Lodge.

Our Vision for the future is to continue to maintain and build a vibrant Lodge with an active membership, indeed membership is no less than its lifeblood, so that every member can feel free to join in and participate and have an equal say in the development of the Lodge. Masonry after all is a hobby which should be enjoyed and treasured, hopefully those who become involved with the Waterfall Lodge will have that experience and come to consider it a valuable and enjoyable part of their life.

 W. Bro David Hendy PPAGReg