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If you have question about Freemasonry in general or would like to inquire about joining The Waterfall Lodge in particular please get in touch!

We welcome any inquiries about joining our Masonic lodge in Surrey.

Principal Officers

Worshipful Master W Bro S. J. Pearce PPJGD
Senior Warden Bro M. Saunders
Junior Warden W Bro M. Barnes

Other Officers W Bro D E Hendy PPAGReg

(tel : 07500409289) W Bro E J Pearce PPGReg
Charity Steward:Contact via W Bro W T Watson PPAGSwdB, PPJGD
Lodge Mentor Officer: W Bro A C Rich PPDepGREG

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Please report any issues to:



Lodge of Instruction

The Lodge of Instruction is open to all Master Masons who are members of The Waterfall Lodge and also other Master Masons by prior invitation. If you would like to attend our Lodge of Instruction please make inquiries with the Lodge Secretary. For dates please refer to the L.O.I. tab.

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