A brief history of Waterfall Lodge



The Lodge was consecrated on 29th October 1920, at the IMPERIAL RESTAURANT, Regent St. London, then for the next 25 years all Meetings were held at The Wheatsheaf Hotel Virginia Water, which is just South of the Waterfall which,  as far as we can establish is the origin of the Lodge name.

Waterfall,-Virginia-WaterThe Waterfall at Virginia Water

Since 1946 however the Lodge has met at our current home in the Masonic Hall Chertsey.

Our motto, ‘FACTA NON VERBA’, although appearing on the Lodge logo, is not translated in any of the Lodge literature, but a quick bit of research leads us to believe the meaning is ‘DEEDS NOT WORDS’.

In 1920 during those early days of gracious living between the great wars, afternoon tea was served before each meeting, train times between Waterloo – Virginia Water were included on the Summons and cocktails were served before dinner. The annual subs were 5 guineas, although that was probably a lot of money back then.

In 1970 at our 50th Anniversary a comprehensive record of those years was compiled by W. Bro. Ron Jude. There were many members of substance in those days, including some who had superb skills when taking part in the ritual. The most notable impact upon the Lodge was made by 2 very distinguished members.

Firstly W.Bro, Freddie Edgar, who was our Secretary for 38 years, he was a kind and gentle man but eminently practical because if he couldn’t find the WM when a signature was required he had the ability to provide it himself. When he retired from work, he liked to play 9 holes of golf in the morning, bowls in the afternoon, lubricated by a pint or two of Guinness in between.

The second member of note in the earlier days was W. Bro. Charlie Arkill, our Treasurer for many years. He was a friend to all, a quiet man of charm and distinction and such was his determination to maintain propriety that he would not accept a cheque for subscriptions drawn on a business account, but insisted that only a cheque drawn from a personal account would suffice.

The last 25 years have proved to be a happy and settled period in the Lodge. The social changes in the country as a whole over the last few decades have however also been reflected in our association in general and of course The Waterfall Lodge has felt these effects as well. So that within recent memory the senior and junior members have come together more closely, both having a mutual respect for each other. This latter period of our existence has evolved gradually over time, but like many Masonic Institutions our numbers have diminished and for a variety of reasons new members are becoming scarce, perhaps through the pressures of work and modern life. We have persevered however and continue to maintain the friendliness of our Lodge and a proud tradition of conducting our ceremonies with feeling and sincerity.

Members of particular note in more recent times are W. Bro Ron Oddy a mason of great determination and a remarkable knowledge of the rituals and secretary of the Lodge, also W. Bro Dickie Beck Treasurer and W. Bro Ron Dude, Director of Ceremonies.

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